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Sundance Event Lodge -
Sea Ranch Resort
415 Fir Street PO Box 214 Cannon Beach, OR 97110
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The north Oregon coast - a splendid blend of ocean, forest and mountains long been a popular destination point for vacationers.

Cannon Beach, just 70 miles from Portland and 30 miles south of Washington State and the mouth of the great Columbia River, is a prized jewel among Oregon's coastal resort communities. It is nestled between the Coast Mountain Range and Pacific Ocean along miles of flat, sandy beaches and forested headlands that jut into the sea.

The Event Lodge is one of our proudest accomplishments and the crowning glory to the resort. From the moment the idea began gestating the vision for it had to be a place in which music would sound warm and brilliant. For what is a gathering – any gathering -- without music? We sought out the opinions of professionals in the field, of acoustics and began working very closely with our architect and builders.

The shape and configuration maximizes acoustic warmth. And not only does the cedar paneling make the sound of music shine, but it ties together all of the interiors – the continuity of the concept used throughout the complex, the continuous flow of energy without blockage, giving a feeling of not really being “indoors” even when you are.

Once again we've gone to every imaginable length to insure that the look and feel of our lodge does not interfere with the rustic feeling of our park. The building is deceptive, actually! You don't feel as if you are looking at a large building when you see it. It blends so well with its surroundings that, until you are inside, you don't know how majestic it is! And never do you feel claustrophobic within it – the back of it has windows and doors opening to a wooden deck and, beyond that, a waterfall within a scenic garden that features the trees and other flora that is indigenous to the land.We built around the trees.

The goal was to have gatherings that are not confined – the people and the energy may flow freely. Using local artisans to create unique fixtures – a warm, down-home stone fireplace, for example-- and we've even got bathrooms that are works of art. It's true! People have actually come in just to look at the sinks – they're hand-painted and unlike anything else you've ever seen.

And of course we have a top-notch live sound system. It was logistically such a challenge getting it all perfect, but it is one that has paid off amazingly well.

Year-round meeting lodge for all your needs, 2260 sq. feet, 100 + person occupancy, features include: warming kitchen, open natural garden area, Wi-Fi.

Book your Event at our Lodge: 503-436-1075.